Friday, 19 February 2016

Welcome to Spinit!

Welcome to Spin It!

Living on an acreage east of Saskatoon has allowed me the space to raise and enjoy Alpacas and Angora goats.

When my kids were small I stumbled upon wool that local farmers had sheared from their sheep for sale. Soon I was hooked and tried as many new fibers as I could get my hands on.

A friend of mine needed a new home for her angora bunny and that was the start of my animal fiber addiction! It was also the start of "let's see if Terra wants it".  The next addoption was a very sweet Alpaca named Wookie that was offered to me for a case of beer, I sent two cases,lol. 

I have taken many workshops and am currently working towards my Master Spinners at Olds College in Alberta.

While I enjoy all things fibre, I specialize in dyeing, spinning and wet felting.

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